Life as a Cadet

As an incoming cadet you will be emerged into the army lifestyle and the values that come with it. We conduct physical training three days a week Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 0700-0800.  Besides physical training, we hold labs on Thursday afternoon where you will begin to learn basic soldier tasks, individual movement techniques, basic officership, land navigation, and military customs and courtesies. During this year the requirements of ROTC are minimal for students.

As a sophomore cadet you will return and continue with your education. This is the year where you will become progressively more engaged with the program and begin to take on a leadership role. Your curriculum will continue with land navigation, small unit level tactics, battle drills, rules of war, and the principles of war.

As a junior cadet you will enter into your most important year and will be leading the cadets. This year will culminate with the Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC), also known as Operation Warrior Forge, located at Fort Knox, KY which lasts four weeks. This year you will lead small groups in physical training and combat training with the oversight of a senior and cadre member. Throughout the year you will begin teaching classes to sophomore and freshman cadets. The classroom instruction includes in depth analysis of the principles of war, platoon sized tactics, and the troop leading procedures.

As a senior cadet it is your final year and you are preparing to commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army. This is the year that you will be planning all the events for the battalion. You will also be developing the junior cadets in their leadership roles. This is the final year you will spend in ROTC and it more involved than the previous years. During classroom instruction you will learn the administrative side of leadership which includes planning, operations, and training.