National Guard or Reserve Soldiers

Enlisted members of the Guard or Reserve

Enlisted members of the National Guard or Reserve can combine significant benefits that can potentially cover 100% of college expenses at U of M, U of M Dearborn or Wayne State University.

The Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) is a volunteer officer training program that allows Army National Guard and Army Reserve enlisted members to participate in the Advanced ROTC Program. Through the SMP program enlisted soldiers who have attained academic junior standing can join the Advanced ROTC Program. Non-scholarship cadets can also join the Guard or Reserve without attending basic training for the exclusive purpose of entering the SMP program. Upon completing the ROTC program and earning a commission, the officer can elect to serve in the Reserve Forces or on Active Duty.

What's in it for you?

  • An opportunity to serve in a Reserve Component unit and earn an officer’s commission simultaneously while going to college.
  • Non-deployable status while enrolled as SMP
  • Hands-on management/leadership training
  • $450-$500/month ROTC stipend plus $250 per month drill pay
  • Annual training ($1700) and ROTC summer training pay
  • Federal tuition assistance ($4500/year)
  • Additional state tuition reimbursement of $2000 (National Guard only)
  • $309 per month GI Bill (if enlisted advanced individual training is completed in a reserve component
  • A future as an officer on Active or Reserve Duty with 2 years of seniority for pay purposes

How to Enroll

For National Guard specific information contact SSG Ricardo Santana, email:  or 517-763-3748.